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Rent a Backpack @50/- per day

● If you do not want to invest a lot of money on a good backpack and yet experience a backpacking trip, we will help you stick to your budget. Choose from our range of backpacks which are available in different sizes from 50l to 90l .
● The cost for backpacks is priced on a 24hr basis.
● The cost is Rs.50/- per day per backpack
● Get Wanderknots merchandise/discount vouchers free on every backpack rental.

Rent a tent @100/- per person

● If you wish to spend your night in a forest or by a river, on a mountain or in the middle of nowhere. Rent a tent from Wanderknots and experience nature at its best. We hire tents ranging in different sizes.
● Make the best of your adventure by cutting cost and yet feeling comfortable in your own private tent.
● The cost of the tent will depend on the group size. The cost is Rs.100/- per day per person.
● The tent is priced on a 24hr basis.
● We also have weather resistant tents for Rs.500/- per day for three people.
● Take a pick from our range of tents and get Wanderknots merchandise/discount vouchers free on every tent rental.
● Ask our expert for the new range of unique category tents which can be hung on trees or over a water body. Let us explain this to you in detail because it’s worth hanging from a tree isnt it?

Rent a hiking pole @25/- per day

● Make your hikes and treks easier by opting for an adjustable hiking pole.
● Hiking poles not only make the treks easier but they also provide for a great safetymeasure where they are shock absorbent and bear the excessive weight which you can do without, while enjoying your time in nature.

Rent a feather jacket/winter jacket @50/- per day

● When you are off to a cold place or a winter trek, it is mandatory that you are equipped with water resistant, fleece feather jackets.
● These jackets can dig a hole in your pocket as they are quite expensive ranging from a few thousands to more.
● If you want to keep to your budget and yet feel warm enough to enjoy temperatures that drop to -30 degree celsius or more, rent out a jacket from us at a minimal cost.
● The jackets will be charged on a 24hr basis.
● Get free Wanderknots merchandise on every rental.To try out or have a look at any of our rental equipment, feel free to visit our store house in Mumbai, New Delhi, Manali and Goa. Please contact us for further information.